1930s Felt Vigil Sash
Courtesy of Seth Brown 


Croatan Lodge  •  117 •  East Carolina Council   

Lodge Chiefs

Lodge Officers

Founders Award
Silver Quest


Bearers of the Vigil Honor have high and lofty ideals to uphold.
Membership is not won, rather earned.
And comes as recognition of unselfish leadership in service to others.
Thus, marks a way of life.


1952   1955  
W.C. Wall Little Fox Lester E. Dollar The Arrow
    Ralph Mozo He Who Serves
1958   1959  
Floyd Bryan Brave Spirit W.H. Bryan Strong Wind
Carl T. Knott He Who Goes First Frank H. Gay, Jr. Stout Heart
Robert Rhodes He With The Big Voice Woody Harrison Strong Bear
Stratton Murrell The Ghost Dancer Darden Eure, Jr. Swift Eagle
    Tommy Gray Willing Hand
    Charles F. Taylor Running Elk
1960   1961  
Bill O'Geary The Leader Roy Barnhardt, Jr. Owl
Bill Pittman Big Brother Harld Bowers Thunderbird
    William Boykin White Buffalo
    Bob Ross White Eagle
    Jack Winslow Night Wind
    Jimmy Godwin Eagle Hunter
1962   1963  
Stanley Bowers Best Wayne Bagget Owl
Ted Kleinmaier Ready Charles Boyd Talker
Scotty Hight Little Eagle Joe Brown Night Hawk
Robert Fake Hard Worker Jimmy Connaughton Deer
Jimmy Parker Eagle Eye Walter Crawford Beaver
Tom Pearson Helpful One Ethan Davis Deep Water
    Earl Hardy Bald Eagle
    Jimmy Newman Little Canoe
    Eugene Stowell Black Fox
    Vernon Taylor Able
    Pratt Williamson Advisor
    Herman Wood Batchelor
1964   1965  
Dr. Ed Carter Reliable One Robert Chandler Black Fox
Chick Harvey Witty One Max Whitley  
Robert Mosley One Who Assists Howard Carrier, Jr.  
Bill Weiss Earnest One Ken McCain Helper
Jim Wells One Who Assists    
1966   1967  
Dr. Harry Billica He Who Does Good For Others Philip Bennett Fire Maker
Van Higdon Mountain Singer William Bishop Believer
Eugene Kolczynski White Oak Woodcutter Jimmy Congleton Speaker
Joe Oliver Fire Maker Robert Fleming Brother
Knott Proctor, Jr. Understanding One Malvia Harris Large One
    Wiley J. Long, Jr. Experienced One
    Nathan Smith Agreeable One
    William Vaughn Arrow
1968   1969  
Danny Pittman Brother Tom Abell Worker
John Hinnant Endurance Heber Adams He Who Is True
Carl Hunter Cautious One Ron Barbour Little Man
Teeny Jones, Sr. Active One Ed Congleton Silent One
Nick Justice Active One William Felts Willing One
Richard Kelley Estimated One Herman Gaskins Wise One
Tom Marr Accomplished One Luther Hardee One Who Does Good Work
Louis O'Neal Busy One Bruce Turley He Who Serves
Bob Peters Experienced One Clyde Young Merry One
Felton White One Who Assists    
1970   1971  
Dennis Abell Friendly One Roger Billica Zealous One
Jack Hodge Gardner Gary Hemby Loyal One
Harvey Vaughn Talker Ed Szrejter He Who Has Good Spirits
Ron Barbour Witty One Charles Felts He Who Walks Alone
William Hudson Teacher Glen Pittman He Who Walks Alone
Steve Worsley Deep Thinker David Harrison One Who Is Ready
Ray Higdon Archer J.F. Stanley Forceful One
Arthur King Quiet One    
1972   1973  
Hugh Benson Doctor Billy Billica He Who Makes Others Happy
Robert Campbell Friendly One Butch Harris Collector
Ray H. Franks One Who Is Ready Read Patten Small Leader
David Hall Loyal One Wayne Brock Boat
Chip Pearsall Younger Brother Leon A. Mann, Jr. One Of Calm Mind
George Sullivan Medicine Man Robert L. Bruncati, Sr. One Who Is Able
Frances Bridges Butterfly Paul Godfrey Cook
Steve Feldhaus Broad Big Boy Tommy Manning Reliable One Who Assists
David Goodsell Medicine Man    
John Moore, Jr. Willing One    
Harry Pearsall One Who Delivers    
Gene Newberry One Who Has Many Sons    
Thomas Butts He Who Does Good For Others    
Mark Robertson Helpful One    
Arnie Formo Worker    
Lester Greene Panther    
1974   1975  
John Brooks Thinker Richard Formo Willing One
Frankford Johnson Loyal One Who Serves Kelly F. Rubado Unconcerned One
John McKemey Fireman John Workman Sure One
Donald Rubado Active One Thomas Fulghum He Who Speaks Truly
Clyde Young, III Hard Worker Ted Shaw Tall One
David Carroll Leader Charles L. Hudson Quiet One
Ray Kinnon Loyal One Mike Wood Busy One
Joe Meadows Reliable One    
John Surles Jocular One    
Larry Feldhaus Turkey    
E.A. Lewis Man Who Is Concerned    
Wayne Ross He Who Gives First Aid    
Howard Westner, Jr. Hard Worker    
1976   1977  
Tom Banks Torch Carrier Bill Edgerton Arrow
William Mercer Pine Tree William Kinnon, Sr. Old Man
Tom Proctor Otter Ronnie Spence Leader
Ted Deanes He Who Does Good For Others Jim Hackney Accomplished One
Derek Mitchell Boy Jeff Parker Loyal One
Garry Whitaker Deep Thinker Lewis Hoffman One Who Searches
Richard Gray Deep Water Al Patrick Beaver
Kenny Olive Reliable One    
Milam Johnson Counselor    
1978   1979  
Wick Bode, III He Who Makes Others Happy Jack G. Boston Preacher
James Casner Tobacco Chewer David G. Hess Collector
Andy Lane Bullfrog James A. Waskey Little Collector
Paul J. Boston Capable One Kelly R. Carlton Book Reader
W.R. Gay Friendly One Harvey Joyner Holder of Lightening
Hilton Bullock Hard Worker Bob Guthrie Teacher
Albert Hecht To Be Happy Michael W. Joyner Runner
1980   1981  
Mark A. Hackler He Who Serves Lindsey Chamblee Talker
Luther Ledford One Who Strengthens Bob Holt Forceful One
Joel L. Joyner Helpful One John M. Spivey Ram
Greg Smith Camper John Clark Witty One
Ellis Ledford Stone Billy Maxwell Forgetful One
Harry L. Via Business Manager Fred Hight, III Leader
    Randy E. Simpson Willing One
1982   1983  
Billy McKemey Grasshopper Sheldon E. Hess He Who Does Good For Others
Kenneth Hoff One Who Enlightens Joey McKemey Peach Eater
Tom Yates One Who Enlightens Linwood Smith Determined One
Dal Newbold Brother Quinton Manning One Who Can Be Trusted
    Phillip Brown Eater
    Wayne Miller, Jr. Lifesaver
    Bill Boyle Trader
    John D. Savage Little Bear
    Wes Yates Owl
1984   1985  
Robert Burns Cook Terry Newsom Spoken Crow
Eddie Cahoon One Who Is Concerned Mike Hodges Trusted Brother
Bennie Hardy Seeker Flint Swigart Quiet One Who Creates
Stephen Cullipher Friend Tom Hendricks Jocular One
Tim Ledford One Who Enjoys    
Jim Dever One Who Creates With His Hands    
1986   1987  
Lewis S. Smith Little One Who Grows Fast Giles Stroud Excited One Who Suggests
Johnnie Meeks Capable One Mike Caviness The One Who Is Quiet
Al Coe, Sr. Valuable One Carl Turner, Sr. Happy Beaver
David Pound Mongoose Sean White Dancer Of Old
Stuart Stroud Little Brother Jim A. Preston Keeper Of Camp
Gil Respess Fast Speaking Companion Chris Robbins Bright Dancer
1988   1989  
Kevin Banks One Who Lives In Small Village Brian T. Powell To Drive Hither Fast
William White Cook Bill C. Spivey Caring Friend
Marty Tschetter Quiet Worker Chris Norman Gentle Giant
Percy Harrell Big And Gentle One Thadeous Bland Quiet Hard Worker
1990   1991  
Michael B. Edwards Tall One Of Many Spirits Nelson J. Medford To Keep Watch Over Little Chickens
Palmer Sanders Plentiful Talker Ryan Hobbs Cautious Old Dancer
Ken E. Brown He Who Hikes With A Wet Sticky Breechcloth Tony Stone One Who Likes To Talk
Clifton K. Glover Fast Speaking Merchant James F. Shine, Jr. Bright Teacher Who Works
Jamey Shine, III Bright Farsighted One    
Bill Haskins Red Headed Preacher    
Chris T. Humphrey Reliable One    
Jeff W. Gurkin Worker Of Good Nature    
1992   1993  
David Willis Willing Servant B.P. Cox Compass Reader
Allen Tharrington Big Mouth Fire Starter Dane Brinkley Joyful Little Dancer
Todd Nobles Small Brother With Big Mouth David Smith Long Distance Cheerful Worker
Seth N. Brown Mongoose Fighter Clyde M. Hughes Trustworthy One
Irvin Mizell, Jr. Spiritual One Who Lives By Book Brewster W. Brown One Who Is Able
1994   1995  
Reggie Cahoon Thin Pale Dancer Jeremey Matthews Quiet One
Robert Shaw Gold Card Jason Pittman He Who Looks Beyond
Nathan Brown Lost Magpie Brad White Able Dancer Who Does
Russell Dye Short Dependable One Billy Gurkin Big Uncle
James Brinkley He Who Creates With Hands Ashley Dail Old Gray Headed Wiseman
Henry Goodson Willing Worker Tony Zito Youthful Spirit
Eddie Dye Chief Candle Snuffer    
Mike Elks Great Big Teddy Bear    
1996   1997  
Robert Willis To Work For Others Rick Tee Seafarer Medicine Man
Bob Johnson One Who Enlightens Andy Lefiles He Who Limps With Small Hat
David Cox Tobacco Spitter Jesse Strong He Who Stumbles In The Dark
William Nobles Little Old Short Weasel Jodie Cahoon Big Little Brother Who Dances
Eric Hawes Red Neck City Boy Travis Worrell Third To Go Crooked Trail
1998   1999  
Casey DeMunck Hairy Knife Carrier Robert Cain Many Hats
Zach Hawes Chicken Wing Dancer Nathan Hawes He Who Walks With Medicine Bag
William Highsmith He Who Forgets Nothing Keith Kornegay Burns Stump With Water
King Jones Burger King Cal Lane Able One
Nick Lanier Ain't Skeered Yet Joe Long He Who Does Good For Others
Len Long Ancient Cook Andrew Tee He Thinks Rattlesnake Is Firewood
Paul Mobley To Build With Piece Of Wood Scott Wilber Wise Quiet Merchant
Matthew Paramore Merchant    
Michael Scott Leads With Spirit    
Phil Stallings Tall Loud Owl    
2000   2001  
Chris Decker Worthy Writer Tommy Harrell Bearded Teacher Of Fire Starting
Bryant Hardison One WhoTakes Care Of Timber Ryan Holsopple Yellow Haired Red Neck
Bobby Hardy Quiet Woodsman Randall Lovette Over Prepared Leader
Lewis Hinnant Short, Small Leader John Moody Wild Woman Chief Man
John McFayden One Who Hates Excessive Looking Jim Overton To Teach Iron Birds
Scott McFayden Quiet Gray Fox Brian Smith Cautious Black Cat
Daniel Overton Keeper Of Money    
Mack Thorne Honorable Trader    
James Vanriper Bald Headed Warrior    
Alton Watters Quiet Dishwasher    
2002   2003  
Jeremy Barker Little Drummer Boy Clint Bailey Leader
John Bower Tall Loud Black Cat Joshua Barker Teacher Of Sports To Children
Ken Devero Male Bird that Flashes Lightening Tina Brooks Helper of Eagles
John Hinnant Swims Swiftly Like a Fish Brad Roberson Loud Big Dreamer
Keith Holley Wise Medicine Man Steven Worrell Helpful One
Brian Snow Strong One Christopher Zeman Accomplished Chief
Pete Zeman Strong Friend Tod Lemoine Humble Servant
2004   2005  
Jesse Barker Sleeping Bear Noah Carden Handsome Haired One
Cam Brooks Gray Fox Daniel Cross Eagle Who Dances with Joy
Robert Daughtridge Trader Winston Davis Enjoyable One Who Gets Attention
Andy Davis Valuable Brother Brandon Devero One With Wounded Knee
Jennings Ipock Sucking Egg Almon Fincher Baldheaded One Who Does Good Work
Steven Mast Money Master Donald Rudd Determined Business Manager
Bobby Newbold Big Brother Omar Said Sleep Worshiper
Joseph Snider He Who Does Good for Others James Smith Helper from the Water
Walter Taylor Happy Cooking Bear    
Ryan Varley Quiet Teacher    
2006   2007  
Scott Byrum Brother with Large Tent Ben Averitt Happy Teacher of Young Scouts
Lexie Dean Cooking Bear Jordan Byrum Little Owl Who Searches Large Fish
Matthew Lanouette Collector of Money Daniel Lanouette He Who Makes One Happy
Roland Lanouette, Jr. Old Leader Adam Long To Cook a Patch
Drew Pearson Brother Bear Steve Mercer Red Fox
Randall Spence Servant Kyle Veneski Swamp Paddler
2008   2009  
John Tyler Brother Than Racoons Follow Norm Bellmore
To Sing Like Beaver
George Stone Witty Firebuilder Man Servant Robert Carr

Diligent Old Stove Watcher

Donald Edwards Bald Headed Bear Who Builds Matt Williamitis
Skinny Wrestling Brother
Brad Dickens One White Smoke Michael Turner
Friendly Writer Who Can Be Trustedrusted
Brad Killebrew Friend with Flys in Head Sam Tyler
Brother Who Likes to Talk
Steven Beall Hiker Headed West Robert Dail

Brother Who Lives Life Orderly

Joe Edwards Son of Bald Headed Bear Steven Elliott

He Who is Concerned for the Earth

Kevin Holley Reliable Worker Mark Beall

Steelfooted Bobwhite

Riley Spencer Friendly Brother    
Brian Fetzer Loud Speaker Who Does Good Work    
Chris G. Mercer Fluffy Little Red Fox    
Dalton N. Barrett Brother Who Leads Honorable    
Mike Whittington Perplexed Buffalo    
Noah C. Taylor Brother Who Helps Others    
Terry L. Dison, Jr. Leader With Rusty Head