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My research on the orgins of Croatan Lodge started in 1987 when the lodge was preparing for our 50th anniversary. I first put together a list of the lodge chiefs in chronological order then searched for each one. I interviewed several early members, as well as, uncovered many wonderful photos illustrating the history of the lodge. My personal experience in the Order has been exceptionally positive and Croatan Lodge is a significant part. One goal is to convey the special spirit of Croatan Lodge. I have always been fascinated with people's personal experiences. This history is a continuing project, and I hope others will help fill in gaps by contributing personal stories and memories from summer camp, lodge events, and national meetings.

This history relies heavily on individual memory and demonstrates how fragile our knowledge of the past is. Most of the history of Croatan Lodge is lost forever. Many documents and much correspondance have either been discarded or lie unrecognized in attics, closets, and basements of lodge members. Many arrowmen who possess a portion of this story have moved away or are deceased.

Important to remember is the Order of the Arrow is Scouting and the experience is timeless. The ideals of Scouting and the Order are the same that members experienced back in the early days of the program. Comaraderie, fellowship, service, and program are what is important. Better put, as Dr. E. Urner Goodman said, "The Order of the Arrow is a thing of the spirit rather than of mechanics."

Corrections, suggestions, stories, photos are welcomed as the story continues.

Martin Tschetter, mbtschetter@suddenlink.net


Scout Executive John J. Sigwald's Scrapbooks,
Lodge officer Tommy Fulghum's lodge history,
Lodge scrapbook, Tau chapter scrapbooks (1980's),
Onslow chapter scapbook (1960's),
Machapunga chapter scrapbooks (1960's),
Wiccacon chapter scrapbooks (1970's-1980's),
Dr. Jim Congleton, 1967 Report to the Nation scrapbook,
Herman Gaskins papers,
Steve Worsley papers,
Dr. Kenny Olive papers,
Al Patrick papers,
Willie Long papers,
David Pound papers,
Michael Noble papers,
Lodge planbooks,
Lodge newsletter Smoke Trails,
Lodge newsletter Croa-Talks,
Personal interviews.

Marty being welcomed into the Boy Scouts by Scoutmaster Tom Parsons
May 1981